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Miller & Jones Landscaping LLC

Miller & Jones Landscaping LLC. is a fully insured landscaping contracting company specializing in but not limited to: irrigation, retaining walls, horticulture, water features, hardscapes, landscape lighting, and sod installation. Request a quote today and find out how Miller & Jones Landscaping LLC. is the right company for your next landscaping project!


Some of the great landscaping services offered by Miller & Jones Landscaping LLC.


Helps maintain landscapes and revegetate soil in dry areas and in times of low precipitation.

Sod Installation

Used to establish a lawn quickly, and to avoid soil erosion.

Water Features

Ponds, creeks, fountains, and water gardens help to take your outdoor landscape to the next level.


Plant conservation, landscape restoration, soil management, & landscape and garden design we do it all!


Paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, stairs, walkways & more! We are the Hardscape experts.

Landscape Lighting

Add beauty, character, and safety to your landscape. Path, deck, and accent lighting offer functionality while enhancing the styling of your outdoor space.


Anywhere land is flat, soil dry, or the water table high, you must ensure you have proper drainage. Without, your plants could drown and your outdoor space may become a swamp.


Used to prevent erosion, Hydroseeding is a process where a slurry of mulch and seed is spread over the soil.

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